What is expected from you?

The course consists of two parts, see the Syllabus. These parts will be examined separately and together they constitute the course of approximately 200 hrs. This will be further explained below, however, at first you have to write a “Goal document” as a plan for your participation in the course.

Goal document, is the P of the PDCA cycle for the whole course where you declare your goals with the course, such as:

· What will you learn?

· When will you complete the course?

· How will you organize your work?

· What grade are you aiming at?

· How will you reach this grade?

· How will you know if you qualified for this grade?

· ...

This will be your plan for the work to come and to me as the course manager important information. Email your ”Goal document” a.s.a.p. to me. You are, of course, able to revise your “Goal document” whenever you want during the course by just resubmitting it. N.B. Make it short and no long novels!

Part 1, Exergy Fundamentals, about 100 hrs, will be fulfilled when you have worked through the paper “Exergy - A useful concept within resource accounting”, the textbook “Exergetics” and written a short summary with your comments of maximum 2000 words on these texts. Preferably, you write your comments while reading.

Part 2, Exergy Calculations, about 100 hrs, includes at least six exercises with answers and solutions that relates to most of the course. Your goal is to find exercises that shows the value and/or importance of applying exergy. Please, notice that these exercises you have to design by your own. The exercise should illustrate the theory and should be able to solve from available information in the text, or by added hints in the text of the exercise. Each exercise should come with attached answer and solution, and all of them should be put together in an exercise document, i.e. one document should contain all your exercises, answers and solutions. The exercises, answers and solutions in “Exergetics” should guide you in this work. There are also a number of exercises from previous students that may be of help. You are also welcome to check these and find errors, since this will be credited in this course. My ambition as a teacher is to improve the course material with the help of my students and to engage my students as coworkers. Your exercise document must be written in “Microsoft Word”, i.e. a “.doc” file or be able to open in “Word” or a “.pdf” file that can be opened by Adobe Acrobat or similar program. All exercise documents will be available to all of you in order to be evaluated by each other. Your grade will be judged from the quality of your work and these evaluations. N.B. six excellent exercises will grant highest score whereas 50 poor exercises might not pass! You are recommended to work with these exercises from the start.

With regard of what is expected from you I strongly recommend that you start to reflect on Unit 2 a.s.a.p. in order not to end up with too much work and too little time later in the course!

The exergy courses are to be studied in the order: 1 Exergy, 2 Exergy Analysis & 3 Exergy Economics, unless you already are familiar with exergy. The course scedule willo be arranged together with the students, however, I expect you to complete the Exergy course by late October or early November.