What is expected from you?

The course consists of three parts, see the Syllabus. These parts will be examined separately and together they constitute the course on approximately 200 hrs. This will be further explained below, however, at first you have to write a “Goal document” as a plan for your participation in the course. This course is based on the preceding course Exergy, this implies that you are supposed to be familiar with the paper “Exergy - Useful concept within resource accounting” and the textbook “Exergetics” that you can find in the literature of the Exergy course. Please, make yourself familiar with this material first.

Goal document, is the P of the PDCA cycle for the whole course where you declare your goals with the course, such as:

· What will you learn?

· When will you complete the course?

· How will you organize your work?

· What grade are you aiming at?

· How will you reach this grade?

· How will you know if you qualified for this grade?

· ...

This will be your plan for the work to come and to me as the course manager important information. Email your ”Goal document” a.s.a.p. to me. You are, of course, able to revise your “Goal document” whenever you want during the course by just resubmitting it. N.B. Make it short and no long novels!

Part 1, Exergy Analysis Fundamentals, about 70 hrs: Exergy concepts and methods, Life Cycle Analysis, Energy Systems, Life Cycle Exergy Analysis (LCEA), sustainable resource use. This part will be concluded by a short written summary in your own words.

Part 2, Exergy Analysis Methods, about 60 hrs: LCEA of different systems and process. Includes a review of at least one article related to Exergy Analysis. In this review you must summarize the article by your own words, indicate important parts or things that could be questioned or weak parts. You might even find mistakes. Eventually you can indicate what could be the next research step to take. If possible, you should also check by doing your own calculations from some given data that the result is correct or reasonable. If this is not possible, you can explain by your own words how the calculations are done and eventually exemplify this by using suitable data just to exemplify the analysis. Your review document must be written in “Microsoft Word”, i.e. a “.doc” file or be able to open in “Word” or a “.pdf” file that can be opened by Adobe Acrobat or similar program. Your grade will be judged from the quality of your review(s).

Part 3, the final part, Individual Project Report, about 70 hrs: LCEA of a real or realistic system or part of such a system. It must meet the general requirements of a “technical report”. It is recommended that you focus on a system or process that you already have some knowledge of or at least is familiar with. I expect that you have to simplify the system and make assumptions. It is better that you explain what has to be done rather than running into too much of details. “It is better to be approximately right than precisely wrong!” It must be able to open with “Microsoft Word” and be no more than six pages including text, eventual graphs and appendixes. Thus, I want no encyclopedias! Your individual project report will be published on the website of the course.

With regard of what is expected from you I strongly recommend that you start to reflect on Part 2 and 3 a.s.a.p. in order not to end up with too much work and too little time later in the course!

Good Luck!

PS. Do not hesitate to ask me if something is strange!