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Welcome to my home page. I hope you will find it useful, and please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.

I am a free researcher and teacher that offer courses, lectures, investigations and research within energy, environment and quality, see menu below. I have worked on exergy and sustanable development at many universities in the world. Some of the courses I offer are Exergy (200 hours), Exergy Analysis (200 hours), Exergy Economics (200 hours). There is also a proposal of an online Master of Science in Exergy and Sustainable Development in corporation with Universidad Industrial de Santander. Comments on this proposal and interest applications are welcome!

My background is in Physical Resource Theory and I am engaged in the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS).

EOLSS Mission

"The EOLSS will represent a comprehensive, authentic, authoritative, organized and integrated body of knowledge of the science, technology, and management of life support systems development and use. It is a future oriented document designed to have a major impact upon professional practice, education, and to heighten social awareness of critical life support issues. The EOLSS should be shaped into a dependable source of knowledge that will be broadly useful in humanistic endeavors that result in the development of remedial measures for issues that have a potentially destabilizing effect on Earth's Life Support Systems. Science, technology and management policies for sustainable development of life support systems are to be emphasized, together with issues of global change and their ecological, economic, human, social, cultural, and political dimensions. The EOLSS should support the systematic development of long term sources of water, energy, and food and agriculture that are essential for global stability, security, and peace. In addition, the EOLSS must be free from geographic or religious accent."


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Exergy, Ecology and Democracy (109k)



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